Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oktoberfest at Old World, Huntington Beach

I loved all things German ever since the Brothers Grimm had filled my young, impressionable mind with visions of castles and charming princes. So it's no wonder that I look forward to Oktoberfest, a German holiday celebrated in late September through early October. Of course the American bastardization of Oktoberfest is more about drinking bier than anything else, but it's still a fun excuse to don on the dirndl or lederhosen and party like a German. (What are people who love german culture called? Germ-o-philes? haha)

Oktoberfest at Old World, located in Huntington Beach, is one of the biggest and longest-running in Southern California. During the rest of the year, Old World is a little shopping center built to emulate a german village. For a month-and-a-half, Old World hosts Oktoberfest, replete with vendors, an Om-Pa-Pa band and a set of elderly sisters performing bizarre feats of flexibility. And of course, what is Oktoberfest without beer? There's Spaten and Bitburger on tap along with few domestic brews.

The food was surprisingly good. They have a booth that sells bratwurst, BBQ pork sandwich, roasted chicken and german potato salad. I recommend their bratwurst and potato salad, although everything was good. The portions are hearty.

Besides the beer, there's young ladies dressed in dirndls selling shots of J├Ągermeister and apple schnapps. If getting sloshed is not your thing, another vendor sells flavored cigars and other Oktoberfest paraphernalia. I get a kick out of the chicken hats. If you want to teach your kids violence, you can buy them a balloon hammer, hence they'll happily go smacking their brothers and sisters all day. (of course they were going to whack people with it, wouldn't you? What were the planners thinking?)

Chicken Dance
Originally uploaded by Michael Zampelli

 In conclusion, it's a nice way to spend a night outdoors and enjoy some food and beer but throughout the night, I couldn't help but think this was the kobe of cash cows for Old World. Admission is $15 on Fridays and Saturdays but $5 off with this coupon. Fridays it's free before 6pm and free Sundays with coupon. Beers are $10 for domestic, $12 for foreign, but $2 off during happy hour. Hey, at least you can say you bought an $8 beer during happy hour. haha. Parking is free.

Old World Oktoberfest
Old World "Beer Garden"
7561 Center Avenue #49
Huntington Beach, CA 92647 
(714) 647-7107

I lack a major component of making the dirndl work. haha. Unfortunately Chris didn't let me wear it, so I'm going to post it here. :)