Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brass Monkey That Funky Monkey

Brass Monkey. That funky monkey. Brass Monkey - junkie. That funky monkey.
I don’t know if this place was named after the Beastie Boys song, or after the cocktail, or the movie?  However, there’s a few things I do know: There’s three things I love in this world:
1. Drunk karaoke.
2. Drunk dancing.
3. Drunk ?????. The Brass Monkey fulfills number 1 and sometimes number 2 and 3!

Photos are from Tina from Adventures in SoCal

Did I mention that I love this place? Because I love this place. I have so many good memories here. Drinks are pricey and food is horrible, but this place isn’t about the food. It’s about having a good time and the Brass Monkey always delivers for a good time!

Locals You'll See At the Brass Monkey
I've got a lot of great memories at the Monkey like getting a drag off a joint from one of the locals. And I've been there enough times to recognize some of the locals, who are the real reason Brass Monkey rocks! Here's some of the faces you'll see at the Monkey:

Lucas, the resident KJ

Yep, Lucas likes to sing, but can you blame him? He's got a great voice. Not the friendliest guy in town but I like that he runs a tight ship and he gets the crowd rocking. Tip him well to keep him happy.

Terry Nakasone, the middle-aged Japanese dude that is ALWAYS there. 

 I've been to Brass Monkey at least five times and I'll always see Terry there, right at 8pm, when karaoke starts. He's got a good voice and I noticed he's gotten better over the year. He's got his own youtube account where he uploads his karaoke. Below is a clip from the night we were there, if you look closely in the background you can see Chris and our party. 

Besides the locals, it's rumored that celebs will drop in. Every time I've been, there's always some amazing singer, most likely a Hollywood wanna-be. Maroon 5 and Seth MacFarlane (from Family Guy) have been known to drop in from time to time. 

Overall, Brass Monkey is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles all the world. It's a place where real people come to have real fun. And everyone needs to let their hair down and sing some Prince at some point in their lives, right?

Cafe Brass Monkey
659 S Mariposa Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 381-7047